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MSCA 2015 View from Above Highlights

MSCA 2015 achieved pinnacle success with a record number of guests, sponsors and exhibitors in attendance at the annual conference. Members and non-members alike journeyed to The Broadmoor in Colorado Springs, CO, from Oct. 18-21 to re-examine perspectives on past choices and outcomes and make informed decisions about how to proceed toward the next summit of goals. Participants learned about topics that included:

  • Leveraging KPIs
  • Creating deep customer loyalty and delivering memorable experiences
  • Workforce trends and generational dynamics
  • Establishing a culture in which employees can be the best version of themselves

View the newsletter here for an event recap.

Photos from the conference are now available online. Visit the Mic Clik Photography website to view and download pictures (password: Broadmoor).


Registration Is Open for 2016 MSCA Sales Institute Programs

Start the New Year on the right track by developing your service sales team to:

  • Ensure their success
  • Enhance their value to your company
  • Encourage retention
  • Increase sales

By participating in the MSCA Sales Institute programs, you also join an elite network of service sales professionals around the country.

The first program to start the year is the Sales Leadership Symposium. Exclusively for the sales leader, this course gives you the tools needed to increase your effectiveness in your role, and prepares you to support team members who will participate in Sales Basecamp and Sales Masters.

Sales Basecamp is designed for entry-level service sales staff who are new to the sales function and/or the HVACR and plumbing industry. The two-week Sales Masters program is customized for intermediate- and advanced-level service sales professionals who often find it difficult to get useful, industry-specific training for their level of expertise.

MSCA Sales Institute Program Dates:

  • Sales Leadership Symposium -- January 26-27, 2016 -- Phoenix, AZ -- Download the registration form here.
  • Sales Basecamp (Offered twice):
  • Sales Masters (Week I) -- April 17-21, 2016 -- Oak Brook, IL
  • Sales Masters (Week II) -- November 13-18, 2016 -- Houston, TX

Click here to learn more about MSCA Sales Institute programs. Class sizes are small, so sign-up today.

Note: Sales leaders must attend the Sales Leadership Symposium first before members of the team can attend the Sales Masters program.


Join MSCA's Highest-Rated Speaker Ever
for the
2015 Webinar Series

From the MSCA conference speaker who taught you how to navigate through “human weirdness” and how to move from stuck to high-performance, Steve Thomas, MSCA’s highest ranked conference speaker to-date, will present our newest webinar series, The Team Thing.

Almost every leader wants to build a “team” within his or her organization. The challenge is, what does “team” mean? What is it that leaders are talking about when they want to build a sense of team? Everyone seems to have his or her own definition, but Steve Thomas will teach you what it truly is (and isn’t), and how to embody it as a team player and a leader.

Scheduled dates are:

  • February 11 - 1 p.m. EST - Rethink the TEAM Thing
    During this first session, Steve will teach you how to rethink the idea of a team. You will learn how to identify your own philosophy of what "team" means and implement the foundational effectiveness of teamwork. Steve will also discuss how to make the shift from "group mode" to a true team.
  • April 1 - 1 p.m. EDT - The TEAM Leader
    In this second session, Steve Thomas will discuss what it means to be a “follow-able” leader. There are four main qualities that people look for in a leader that also determine whether they will follow him or her. Steve will share what they are and introduce practices you can apply to ensure that you're the leader that others look to.
  • June 3 - 1 p.m. EDT - The Effective TEAM Player
    Everyday there are four kinds of team players that come to work, so you need to be aware of what and who you have on the team. To create effective teams, you must be able to clearly define what an effective team player looks like so everyone knows what's expected and can perform. If you don't, you may not get what you want, and the team will be confused and frustrated. In this third session, Steve Thomas will teach you exactly what that effective team player looks like so you know how to best structure your team for success.
  • September 2 - 1 p.m. EDT - Foundations of Effective TEAM
    Building a team is like building anything else – you have to create a solid foundation first. Otherwise, you will eventually find yourself having to invest additional resources into unearthing the faulty structure before beginning the process again. But, once the proper groundwork is laid, development can progress. In this webinar, we will discuss the make-up of a solid team foundation and how to achieve it from the ground up as well as how to rebuild it.
  • November 11 - 1 p.m. EST - Characteristics of an Effective TEAM Part I
    Creating an effective team isn’t a passive activity. It’s the result of continual effort and desire on the part of the leader and the team. So far in “The TEAM Thing” webinar series, host Steve Thomas has revealed the true meaning of “team,” outlined how to be a “followable” leader, detailed how to get your team players to make intentional contributions, and discussed the steps to build a solid foundation for an effective team. In this next session, he will do a deep dive into specific characteristics of effective teams that you can develop as a leader to make your team more effective.

The next webinar is scheduled for:

  • December 2 - 1 p.m. EST - Characteristics of an Effective TEAM Part II
    Every company has its outstanding employees just as every effective team has its “star players.” But, what separates the “good” from the “great”? What is it about that “star player” that makes him or her not just effective, but someone you want to retain as long as possible? In this final session of “The TEAM Thing” webinar series, presenter Steve Thomas will discuss what some of those "great" qualities are, and what separates them from the "good." He will also provide a recap of all six sessions to illustrate how all the concepts work together to form an effective team.

Register today for the last session in the series at


Convoy of Hope Joins MSCA
to Support Those in Need

Convoy of Hope Joins MSCA

MSCA has partnered with Convoy of Hope since 2010 to deliver supplies to organizations that serve families and individuals in need in the cities where the association holds its annual conference. This collaboration has resulted in more than $320,000 in donations for food and other goods.

  • Watch the video of MSCA members and local affiliates replacing outdated HVAC equipment, stocking shelves with 75,000 lbs. of food and supplies, and building beds for the Springs Rescue Mission winter shelter.

  • View Convoy of Hope's thank-you message to MSCA members and local affiliates for packaging 15,000 lbs. of pasta for the organization's global Children's Feeding Initiative.